Monday, September 04, 2006

Day one

This is day one of my story about how me and my husband ran a council tip for twelve years, it's not in any particular order just random memmories that have come in to my head, it's been about eighteen month's now since we left the job we loved so much but in the end our hearts were no longer in it, We hav'nt worked since and are not sure when we will again we have just lived of our earnings and chilled out but the memmories are still so strong it seems all we talk about really, anyway i hope you enjoy reading some of the things you read.

It's always been my dream to run a tip it's not everyone's cup of tea but it was mine, and for anyone out there who's ever had the pleasure of using one they will no a little bit about what I write, Most people would probabily think they are dirty places but they dont have to be if you're good at you're job.

It all started about twenty years ago but in them days we were there illegally , after the council workers had gone home for the night the tip remained open for the public so they could carry on bringing in there rubbish to us it was like treasure, some nights we could hardly close the car doors with all the stuff we got, and some nights we got nothing we had some laughs and there was the ocasunal fight over the booty, we had to watch our back's though because sometimes the public didn't look best pleased when we started jumping on their rubbish, now and again one of them would call the cop's, and a full scale police chase would follow you would think we knicked the crown jewels rather than unwanted rubbish if you think about it we were recycling, and given that this was twenty years ago it's just what the powers that be were telling us to do today, we saved tonnes of rubbish goin to the landfill.

It was a right old meeting place, in the summer months there could be a dozen tatters there, those without cars took there goodies home in anything they found on the night, things like prams go-carts anything with wheels really, some of the lads used to bring a flask with them in the winter.

Over the next few years roumours started flying around that the tips were all going to be out for tender to the general public, wow we had a chance to run the tip legally and get paid for the pleasue, we tendered for the tip and failed a couple of time but then whilst i was out one morning and my husband ( who i will call bill) was at home looking after our baby son( who i will call tom) a letter arrived in the post telling us that our tender ahd been accepted and we were goin to eun the tip.

In the early days though I had to take care of the baby so I couldnt spend as much time as id'e have liked there, but I used to get a runnig commentary from bill.

you would think that runnig a tip for the public be a simple job after all your all on the same side, (you would think) they want to disspose of there rubbish and you're there to help, this is how it works we work on behalf of the council, we work under there instruction, they have the last say